South Cathedral Mansions is a historic set of residential buildings located on Connecticut Avenue in Woodley Park. It was purchased by CAS Riegler and transformed into a more contemporary setting with massive resort-like amenity upgrades. Drawing upon the historical context and scale of the property, a brand story was crafted around the premise of “landmark living.” The visual identity features a custom-drawn logotype inspired by the building’s original typography, entrance columns and art deco tile work featured throughout its historic hallways. The look is brought to life by a series of linear patterns based off the logo, which can be scaled and rotated as a way to connect the past with the future. This system of graphics is extended to print collateral, signage and digital applications. Lifestyle photography was captured to bring a personal touch to the campaign and showcase nearby “landmarks,” such as the National Zoo and local neighborhood icons like the Uptown Theater.

  • CLIENT: Cas Riegler
  • PROJECT: South Cathedral Mansions Brand Campaign