Holm is a Scandinavian-inspired luxury rental on 11th Street just off Logan Circle in Northwest Washington, DC. The name Holm encapsulates several themes – being the end of “Stockholm,” sounding like “Home,” and literally meaning an “Island,” which the property is as the last piece of developable land in the neighborhood that isn’t historic. A clean logotype in extended weight is given a subtle, clever context with the letter “H” simply turned into a castle monogram. The symbol extends to applications as a container or die-cut for imagery and as a pattern for texture and a hint of fashion. The look is carried through in a bold and efficient design, intended to mimic the property’s aesthetic and functionality. A messaging platform playing off the building’s name confidently reminds guests that there’s truly no place like Holm.

  • CLIENT: Cas Riegler
  • PROJECT: Holm Branding Campaign