8001 Woodmont is a 322-unit building in downtown Bethesda managed by JBG Smith. A creative team led by renowned architect FXCollaborative has meticulously blended warm and inviting common spaces and spacious apartment homes with an unexpected exterior aesthetic to form a visually striking building unlike anything in Bethesda. The graphic identity features a sophisticated “W” monogram that elegantly echoes the curved shape of the building’s exterior and openness of its most impressive visual feature – a multi-faceted, reflective-glass breezeway connecting Wisconsin and Woodmont Avenues. The monogram takes center stage in a range of elegant patterns and scales, reinforcing the brand’s positioning as “a renaissance in modern living.” Both welcoming and modern, the 8001 visual language also incorporates textural imagery, subtle gradients and custom lifestyle photography. A palette of grays, golds and dark brown shows ties to fashion and sophisticated living, without any pretense. Typography is clean, yet unexpected.