Northwestern Mutual

Media Coverage X 3

Leo Tucker is The Washington Group's managing partner. Three D*MNGOOD® clients, The Midtown Group, The Washington Group of the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, and West, Lane & Schlager, have picked up some nice press following company announcements. The Midtown Group, a D.C.-based professional career-consulting firm, will at least double the size of its work force this year, and and the Washington Post’s Capital Business reported on the company’s expansion plans. Leo Tucker, managing partner of The Washington Group, a McLean-based financial security company, received a Minority Business Leader award from the Washington Business Journal. West, Lane & Schlager, a Washington-based commercial real estate firm that exclusively represents tenants, negotiated several leases that garnered “ink.” In one deal, West, Lane & Schlager represented the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, and, RE Business Online and the Washington Business Journal featured this transaction. West, Lane & Schlager also announced five smaller deals in one press release, and and Virginia Business Magazine picked this up. In addition, West, Lane & Schlager negotiated a lease on behalf of ALPA, and and RE Business Online covered this news. D*MNGOOD® provides public relations, and other various creative services, to these clients.